A Recap of the Yorkton EX Summer Fair

Me, live on location at the fair.

The Yorkton Exhibition just wrapped up its 2024 Summer Fair, from Wednesday through Saturday. I was there for all four days and ended up having a great time! The Summer Fair is something that when we were kids, all wanted to go to. When I was younger and lived back in Ontario, my family would go to the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) in Toronto and it was always a blast to go on rides, eat fair food, and walk around checking out everything. Now as an adult, I still enjoy it!

Kicking off Wednesday through Friday, I was live on location for those three days in the afternoon. It rained pretty much every time slot that I was there but we persisted, and so did the people attending the fair. Rides were still happening, shows kept going, and people kept pouring in. I ended up watching a few of the shows like the science show right in front of our booth, and some of the extreme dog show too when I was leaving.

The science show on the fair grounds.

Of course, with the fair comes fair food. Mini donuts, cotton candy and apples, lemonade, poutine and more. So, unsurprisingly, I had some fair food. I tried a brisket poutine, some classic burgers, a chicken shawarma wrap, and some lemonade over the course of the next few days. All super yummy but it definitely burnt a hole in my wallet. Worth it!

Friday night, Cruz FM was the presenting sponsor for Creedence Clearwater Remembered. A tribute band to the original CCR, as well as playing music from John Fogerty and their own original music. I had the honour of introducing them on stage. They sounded amazing, and people jammed and sang along.

Credence Clearwater Remembered at the mainstage.

Then Saturday night we had Ikons of Rock – a group who not only plays the music of classic rock artists, but dress their parts too! It kicked off with their “Leathers and Lace” portion at 7pm which was a cover of Fleetwood Mac which was great, even with a delayed start from the rain. Cruz FM was the presenting sponsor of their 9pm show as well so I had the honour of introducing them to the stage for both shows that day. The 9pm was their all rounder show, with costumes and music to the likes of Def Leppard, Ozzy, Van Halen, Pat Benetar and more! This show was packed. The grandstand was full, and people were crowding up to the front of the stage too. They sounded so similar to every band they impersonated. They played until the end of the fair at 11pm.

Ikons of Rock performing at the mainstage (playing as Heart)
Fireworks from the Fair.

After introducing the band, I stayed for the evening to just hangout. I may or may not have had one too many to drink (those Crush-Its are deadly good) and thankfully I’m a less than 5 minute walk home. I ended up chatting with some people who recognized me, bumped into some acquaintances, and had a great time. The fireworks show at 10:30pm were a sight to see as well.

Overall, I had a wonderful time at the Summer Fair this year. I understand that the people who lived here their whole lives are tired of the fair, but it’s honestly a fun experience. You just get to leave the house for a couple hours, eat some good food, have a few drinks, and watch some good entertainment. It really is something for all audiences and ages. Thanks to the Yorkton Exhibition Association for putting this all together. Next year will be just as good.

Take a look at the album below of the fair:

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