Family Caught Stealing Nearly Everything From Their Hotel Room

Plenty of hotel guests bring home an extra tiny bottle of shampoo or a shower cap that they got from their room, which is perfectly fine. What is not fine though is taking much more than that, which is just what one family tried to do after a stay at a hotel in Bali.

The housekeepers at Villa Royal Purnama noticed a lot of missing items from one room, whose occupants had just checked out. Security caught up with the family in the parking lot and began to go through their bags, finding piles of non-complimentary items like a hair dryer, wicker ornaments, soap dispensers, coat hangers, towels and more as an onlooker filmed the search.

In the video, an angry staff member demanded an explanation from the group. One man repeatedly said, “I will pay, I’m sorry,” but the staff member wasn’t hearing it, stating, “I know you have a lot of money, but this [shows] no respect.”

The police were called and one officer posted about it on Facebook, sharing a photo of all the loot the family tried to steal.

In the caption, he explained that there were nine guests altogether who stayed for three days. The wannabe thieves wound up apologizing, returning the items they took and paying for any that weren’t found.

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