People Who Think Outside Of The Box Can Tell What This Is A Photo Of

What’s not to love about optical illusions? Some of them can tell you IF you are creative, others if you’re going to have a baby, and some can even help diagnose medical conditions with your eyes. Then of course you have the fun ones that confuse you into not knowing if a person is a child or a man, or being unsure if you are looking at a neck or a back,or being unable to see a river or a fence.

Now there is a new optical illusion that is blowing people’s minds. It seems like a pretty straightforward photo of the ocean on a stormy day, but that’s not at all what the picture is of. A guy on Twitter shared it and explained exactly what it shows.

He captioned the tweet, “If you can see a beach, ocean sky, rocks and stars then you are an artist, but it’s not a painting, it’s lower part of the car [door] which needs to be repaired.”

That’s right – it’s the bottom of a corroded door on a car parked on some sand-colored dirt. Even after knowing what is actually shown in the photo, most people can still only see a beach.

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