You Will Never EVER Guess What This Epic Commercial Is For.

In 2016, an epic two-minute long commercial began airing in Brazil and now it is going viral in America. The ad, which shows the first 20 or so years of a man’s life, is driven by an emotional soundtrack that’s heavy with string instruments. In the clip, you see a baby being born, then he is a toddler taking his first steps, then a little boy and next a young man shaving for the first time. He winds up finding love, feeling heartbreak and traveling to distant lands to experience other cultures. He comes home, moves into a place of his own and becomes his own man. At that point, the commercial is just about over, but it’s the last couple seconds that HAS EVERYONE’S JAW DROPPING!

A voiceover says, “Every day, life asks you the same question: What are you going to try today?” and there is a shot of the man walking into a Subway sandwich shop.

Twitter went a little crazy…

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