New York Mets Catcher, Wilson Ramos, Finds Out His Wife Is Pregnant With Baby No. 3 Mid-Game

It’s not every day that you’re playing a sport as a professional athlete and your wife rushes down and tells you that you’re expecting baby number 3.

But for Mets player Wilson Ramos, that’s exactly what happened. And the moment was witnessed by thousands of people AND caught on camera.

While preparing to go up to bat against the St. Louis Cardinals last week, the catcher’s wife, Yeli, ran down to the front row of the stands, right next to where he was taking practice swings.

Yeli then called to her husband, getting his attention, and held up a poster giving him the news of a lifetime.

CBS Sports reports the sign read: “We’re pregnant! Wilson, this is your 3rd child. We love you!”

The catcher stopped his practice swings and was reportedly smiling all through his turn up at bat. You can see the sweet moment from afar in this video:

Unfortunately, Wilson struck out after getting the news but… who could blame him?! That’s a HUGE thing to find out right before having to go up to bat. But no need to worry, he’s had a solid season so far and it looks like his home life is going juuuust fine as well.

In the video you can see what looks like at least one kid running up behind their mom, which may be one of the couple’s two children, son Wilson and daughter Antonella.

I guess baby number 3 will be the tie breaker in that household!

Have any of you ever surprised your partner with a pregnancy announcement? Or been surprised with one? I still can’t imagine getting ready to go up to bat in a baseball game and getting the news.

Congratulations to Wilson and Yeli!

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